Crypto and blockchain are new and exciting asset classes, with great long term potential for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, like many new markets, we have yet to determine which will survive the long term, and which will eventually disappear. A similar happened in the DotCom boom, when 1000’s of new technology companies sprung up based on internet technology, many of which do not exist today.

Investing in crypto at this early stage is high risk, and high reward. So what digital assets could be the equivalent on Amazon or Apple in 10 years time?

For long term investment it is important to avoid the hype around projects that have no utility. There are a huge number of alt-coin projects created each day, which seemingly are a just pump-and-dump ponzi schemes. the only reason people buy these, is with the hope for selling it to someone else for more in the future. There are, however, many projects with excellent long term potential, which is revealed in their white papers. This page will be updated as we find interesting projects for potentnial long term growth.

Note: All investments, and in particular crypto assets, carry risk and the potential for loss of capital. This website is purely for educational use only, as does not constitute advice. You should never make any investment without first consulting your financial advisor. 


Stellar is similar to crypro technology, as “Transferwise” is to the internet. It is an open source network for currencies and payments, allowing trading of digital representations of all forms of money, like USD, EUR, CHF, Bitcoin and any other type of currency. It helps to integrate the global financial systems, so they can work together. through this connection is can facilitate low-cost, cross-asset transfers of value.

The organisations currency is the Lumen it is traded under the symbol XLM on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Lumens can be used by traders on the Stellar network, which is a blockchain-based distributed ledger network.


Cardano is now a major player in the crypto markets, with the 5th largest market cap in the world. It has strong long term potential with such an extensive capital base and huge support among its community.

It is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, with similar characteristics to Ethereum, it is taken very seriously by developers with peer-reviewed scientific research providing building blocks for updates to its platform. It is often considered as an updated version of Ethereum with a goal of providing banking services to those who have difficulty to obtaining safe and reliable services.

This page will be updated as we discover new interesting projects for long term investment ………

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