Our trading signal service provides high quality risk/reward trades, daily. Focused mainly on the ES futures markets, these trades are suitable for funded trading programs such as TopStep, OneUpTrader, or LeeLoo (and many more). We over a week’s free trial so you can see if our signals fit into your trading ambitions and methodology.

Having traded for over 15 years, and developed and back-tested 100’s of algorithmic trading systems, we have been able to fine tune quality trading signals with a good risk/reward ratio. The signals are designed to give you and entry point, with a relatively tight stop compared to the target. In addition, the signal comes in two parts:

  1. A notification of price level, stop level, and target
  2. As we approach the level we will either CONFIRM or CANCEL the trade dependent on price action.

So not only do we provide excellent trading levels, we will also monitor the markets to ensure the price action confirms our trade before entering. This is very important because even with the best signals in the world, market conditions change, and it is essential to have confirmation, before risking capital.

What makes our trading signals unique?

  1. Over 15 years of futures trading experience
  2. Over a decade of back testing algorithmic trading systems. The best now incorporated into these signals
  3. Initial trading signal, followed by a trade confirmation. We reduce your risk by personally double checking the trade
  4. High reward vs Low risk ratio. We always look for trades who’s outcome is better than it’s risk
  5. We trade our own signals, so we carefully assess the quality of each one
  6. Suitable for funded trader programs such as TopStep trader, OneUpTrader, or LeeLoo
  7. Signals sent via Telegram on phone or PC, or straight to your Sierra Chart trading platform.
  8. Completely free 5 day trial of our live trading signals, so you can see first hand if they work
  9. Full mentoring service available

It is important for us to state that our trading signals are an educational tool. We are not providing financial advice in any way, or suggesting you should take any risk with your capital. These signals are purely for your education to learn where is best to enter a trade. The best way to learn to trade is by not risking capital, and practicing on a demo account. We are not responsible for any financial loss, if you choose to take on risk.

How it works

We will send initial trade notifications via Telgram, Whatsapp, Email or our online portal These appa can be installed on your Android or Apple mobile phone, or on a Windows or Mac desktop. The initial trade notification should give you plenty of time to setup the trade on your preferred trading platform, if you so choose.

The initial notification will include an entry level price, a recommended stop, and a potential target. Clearly the markets are not completely predictable, so once in the trade we recommend you monitor the trade and take profit as you choose, perhaps by scaling out. You can also use our target level to exit the trade.

As an extra level of protection we will CONFIRM or CANCEL the trade as the market approaches the level. This is because markets are unpredictable and something may change that increases the risk of the trade. If the trade is not confirmed then it is not a trade. So please continue to monitor Telegram.

Don’t expect a large number of signals. We are looking for the best and strongest levels, usually on higher time frame charts, that give the largest possible returns. These are not scalping signals, as it is impossible to send high frequency trades via a signal service. We always aim to provide at least one trade every day, usually more, but it is not guaranteed.

Most trading signals will be during the US Trading Session for the ES futures market

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